Advanced technology

Proneem  has developed a unique expertise with its mastery of microencapsulation technology.

At the leading edge of biotechnology, the Proneem  patent brings a new functionality to the various fields:  textiles, cosmetics, detergents. 
From its applied science, the Proneem  patent has given rise to many innovative and high-performance ranges. 

The technique of microencapsulation allows the isolation of the 100% natural actives, to protect them from external aggressions (light, oxidation, humidity), thanks to a nanometric membrane, and considerably to extend the useful life of these actives. 

This process offer two ways to distribute the actives :
- Targeted release: programmed rupture of the membrane 
- Gradual, constant release 

The micro-capsules preserve the functionality of the encapsulated active until its release. This process ensures a long-lasting function.

PRONEEM offers a high-performance technological solution:
- Competitive advantage thanks to the development of innovative, functional tools 
- Added value to the finished product
- Green chemistry acts as a boost to brand image

Our laboratory

Proneem invests in Research & Development  in its own sustainable biotechnology laboratory.

Its team of experts ensures that Proneem develops solutions capable of producing real performance. The R&D team daily applies the principles of sustainable, responsible and remarkable innovation in the field of modern biotechnology. Proneem pays special attention to human health and environmental protection.

A multitude of tests are carried out to scientifically assess the safety and effectiveness of new developments and of their ingredients, thus guaranteeing consumer safety.

Know-how, quality and control are the key words in Proneem innovations


Traceability is at the heart of product quality.
For health, safety and ethical reasons, information about our products is a key element in our compliance with the regulatory constraints and in our risk management.
Proneem controls the entire production and distribution chain with tailored tools.
At the heart of our traceability process lies our information system, which gathers essential data:
- To identify, at any moment, the origin of each of our raw materials
- To identify which which customers have received and are selling our products.
Product effectiveness and safety, rigorous procedures and compliance with the regulatory constraints are all PRONEEM priorities.