Your manufacturing marker

D.N.A Textile™ is a unique and innovative marker technology that is the product of 10 years of research in the CNRS and INSA laboratories.
This process is based on the assembly and integration of Rare Earths with luminescent properties. DNA Textile, fixed in the heart of the fibres, emits a specific colour under UV light that is invisible to the naked eye.
D.N.A Textile™ is fixed in the factory using special technical processes.
We provide you with a unique signature specific to your company on your textiles: your manufacturing marker.
D.N.A Textile™ technology facilitates traceability, quality control, dating, identification and authentication in the distribution network.

Advantages :
- Ease of use
- No noticeable colouring of the material
- No physical-chemical alteration to the textile fibre: the fibres retain their qualities and properties
- Fast identification of your marker with a special portable reader