Dry Protect​

Sweating is a natural process that helps regulate body temperature and cool down the body when it gets too hot.

However, excessive sweating can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially when it leads to body odor and wet clothing. This is where DRY PROTECT come in – they help to reduce sweating and control odor, keeping you feeling fresh and confident all day long.

Effectiveness or expected / benefit

DRY PROTECT™ has an anti-perspirant action by eliminating moisture immediately. Its action inhibits the development of odors. Textiles are always fresh and clean.

Efficient ecotechnology

Features a high-performance microencapsulated technology that ensures prolonged persistence and long-lasting effectiveness.

Absence of harmful substances

DRY PROTECT® is made of of a 100% biosourced active ingredient: alum stone. Its naturalness index is 92.5%.

Compliant and responsible

DRY PROTECT® does not contain any biocide. This responsible and sustainable solution can be exported worldwide. DRY PROTECT™ is a solution that respects people and the environment.


The CENTEXBEL and INTERTEK laboratories prove the immediate performance of the humidity regulation, controlled by the AATCC 195 (2021) standard. The 3 odor development inhibition markers have been proven by the INTERTEK laboratory demonstrating the high anti-odor performance of DRY PROTECT™.

Action mechanism

DRY PROTECT™ is composed of Alum stone known for its cosmetic properties. It acts on the evacuation of humidity and allows a fast drying. Textiles remain fresh and clean without ever developing bad odor (odor free). Textiles require less washing, saving water, energy and wear.

Supports and treatments

DRY PROTECT™ technology makes textiles functional and optimizes body moisture management.

Various clothes
Bedding items
Sport clothes

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