The PROTECTOR® solution converts the treated fabric into a powerful mosquito, tick and bed bug repellent.

This greatly minimises the risk of vector-borne diseases. From Zika to Lyme disease, these illnesses can be serious and even life-threatening, making it important to take steps in offering minimizing the risk products.

Effectiveness or expected / benefit

Unique, state-of-the-art technology developed for performance and safety-oriented vector control. PROTECTOR® ensures a 100% efficacy on a very broad on a very broad spectrum of insects.

Efficient ecotechnology

Features high-performance microencapsulated technology that ensures long-lasting effectiveness.

Absence of harmful substances

PROTECTOR® is formulated with the molecule IR3535 in collaboration with the MERCK group and the vegetable oil of Eucalyptus Citriodora. The solution is certified safe by the OMS organization for humans, pregnant women and children over 6 months.

Compliant and responsible

PROTECTOR® meets the criteria for restricting the use of insecticides recommended by ANSES and the EGalim law.


This global anti-vectorial and repellent solution offers an extremely high efficiency rate on different types of insects. 

Repulsivity rate :

  • Mosquito : 100%
  • Bedgugs : 93%
  • Tick (ixodes ricinus) : 96%

Action mechanism

The PROTECTOR® solution converts the treated fabric into a powerful mosquito, tick and bedbug repellent. This significantly minimises the risk of vector-borne diseases. Efficiency tests* conducted by the TEC laboratory have demonstrated the high performance of PROTECTOR35® and its strong repellent power. PROTECTOR® is a well thought-out and responsible solution to limit insect resistance.

Supports and treatments

The PROTECTOR® treatment makes textiles functional by giving them anti-vector and breathable properties. PROTECTOR® fabric repels mosquitoes and minimises the risk of bites: 100% effectiveness after 15 washes.

Bedding items
Internal Coating
Sport clothes

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