Relax CBD​

If your customer dealing with stress, anxiety, or sleep problems, our microcapsulation treatment Relax CBD is the perfect solution.

CBD is known for its calming and relaxing effects, and our microcapsulation technology ensures that it is delivered gradually and continuously, giving you the time you need to unwind and relax. So if they are looking for a way to stay relaxed and sleep better, they should try our advanced microcapsulation treatment Relax CBD and experience the difference ! Thank to your fabrics they will say goodbye to stress, anxiety, and sleep problems, and enjoy a better quality of life with the innovative and effective CBD microcapsulation treatment.

Effectiveness or expected / benefit

This treatment helps in the relaxation and the well-being without psychotropic effect.

Efficient ecotechnology

Benefits from a high performance microencapsulated technology that ensures a long lasting treatment.

Absence of harmful substances

RELAXⓇ is an organic plant oil based treatment inspired by medicinal plants.

Compliant and responsible

RELAXⓇ is dermatologist tested.


Sensory evaluation of RELAX fabric on a targeted panel of 20 people aged 20-40 years effected at ITA Test (Poland) in accordance with test procedure PB15/DA ed. 3 of 12.02.2013


  • the fragrance is pleasant : 85%
  • the fragrance seems soothing: 95%
  • the perfume surrounds you with well-being: 80%

Action mechanism

Difficulty falling asleep, night wakings, restless nights … millions of people complain of sleep disturbances. Thanks to the mixture of hemp oil and extract of Cannabidiol CBD RELAX CBD ORIGINAL promotes sleep.

Supports and treatments

The RELAX technology allows to functionalize the textiles by allowing them to diffuse CBD.

Various clothes
Bedding items
Pyjamas and loungewear

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